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Disaster prevention

What to do in the event of a longer lasting power blackout?

Due to current developments, longer lasting power cuts cannot be ruled out. Even if such a scenario is rather unlikely, all experts advise precautionary measures.

Below you find the most important information.

What is a blackout?

A blackout is a longer lasting, usually supraregional power, infrastructure and supply failure. Regional blackouts can often be repaired after hours, supraregional blackouts only after several days.

This is different to short-term technical disruptions (10 to 15 minutes) in the power supply.

Warning systems for the population

To complement the warning infrastructure of the countries, a federally owned, high-performance and highly available warning and communication system has been developed. Warning messages are shared via various channels to reach as many people as possible, e.g. via warning app NINA (QR code) and the warning system KATWARN (QR code).

How do I get the latest information?

- Smartphone (e.g., via warning app NINA and the warning system KATWARN)

- Radio (battery or solar powered)

- Car radio

- If necessary, (mobile) loudspeaker announcements

- If necessary, the city of Alzenau's homepage www.alzenau.de

Emergency contact points

The fire stations in the Alzenau city area are staffed after about 15 minutes, because especially in the case of longer power cuts, the telephone network and mobile radio can also fail. This ensures that it is always possible to make an emergency call to the rescue service or police. Even in the event of a longer lasting outage, the fire stations are supplied with emergency power and are illuminated.

Lighthouses in Alzenau and its districts

Albstadt Volunteer Fire Brigade

Borngasse 8 |63755 Alzenau

Tel.: 06023 30622

Alzenau Volunteer Fire Brigade

Mühlweg 7 | 63755 Alzenau

Tel.: 06023 2833

Hörstein Volunteer Fire Brigade

Gerichtsplatzstraße 18 | 63755 Alzenau

Tel.: 06023 7961

Kälberau Volunteer Fire Brigade

Karl-Amberg-Strasse 8a | 63755 Alzenau

Tel.: 06023 4346

Michelbach Volunteer Fire Brigade

Gieseweg 10 | 63755 Alzenau

Phone: 06023 5740

Wasserlos Volunteer Fire Brigade

Friedhofstraße 5 | 63755 Alzenau

Phone: 06023 30667

Precaution is important

In Alzenau, the critical infrastructure is prepared for a power failure. Contact points in the event of an emergency are also provided.

This is how you can prepare

As far as possible, you should have the following at home for at least two weeks:

-Water: The aim of the “Zweckverband Fernwasserversorgung Spessartgruppe” is to maintain the   drinking water supply for as long as possible. An emergency supply of 2.5 litres/head should nevertheless be prepared.

-Food: Durable food such as jars/preserves (vegetables and fruit), cereals and pulses, pasta, rice, crispbread, sugar, long-life milk....

-Cash (the sum of a double week's shopping in small notes and coins - well secured!)

-Medicine: medicine cabinet and personal essential medicines (e.g. insulin) and first aid kit.

-Hygiene articles

-Candles, matches, torch

-Radio (battery or solar-powered) or crank radio

-Spare batteries

-Camping cooker, fuel paste

-If necessary, supplies for pets (water and food)

-Wood for heating/fireplace if necessary, sleeping bags, blankets and warm clothing (remember to ensure sufficient fresh air if you have an open fire!)

-Possibly a car with a full tank of petrol


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